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Introducing Quadrivium Solutions, the effective approach...

Here we provide just a short overview of the company history and below a summary of our services and software.
"They Need Us Everywhere" - Ben Zander
You must know the story and heart of the business

The word Quadrivium is Latin for Crossroads. This is where most companies find themselves most of the time. As life and business changes it stays a challenge to be ahead of the competition. This makes it so much more important to use all the available resources to strengthen your business, client relationships and market strategies.

Quadrivium Solutions CC was established in March 2002, as an organization that provides marketing and sales solutions to the business community. As a solution to the need in small to medium size companies for management assistance, software and services was developed that address the enhancement of business strategy, operational and sales activities.

Quadrivium Solutions has positioned itself and its products to be affordable for clients by developing software solutions to cut down on consultation time and at the same time empower the ownership, management and personnel of these companies to run the projects themselves.

The Heart of Quadrivium Solutions Leadership:

Development, changing behavior, improving companies and motivating people to reach further than they thought possible. This is not a vision but a calling. We believe that none of us know what our true potential are, unless we take some risks and venture outside of our comfort zone. Over the past fifteen years this business took us totally out of our comfort zones and we realized that in this very uncomfortable place we found ourselves in, we where able to achieve the unimagined.  A zone that brings out the best in us. Forcing us to be more creative than we have ever been, teaching us that life is about choice and even success is more about choice than about knowledge.

Our primary vision for this company is to make a difference, not only in the bottom line of companies, but also in lives of the people we work with. Taking them further into that terrible and uncomfortable place where dreams are realized, outside of the norm, where normal people do extraordinary things. Selling more, achieving more, just because they push themselves beyond their set limits and ceilings. Reaching levels of performance that they never thought possible and growing through the process into fulfilled human beings.

An ancient Chinese proverb states that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. This is the step that we took in March 2002. For us and all the companies that supported us this was a giant leap. Today, we say thank you for this crossroad decision and hope that we can assist many people to make that same choice in the years to come.

“By not being mediocre but by being extraordinary.”

We look forward to make your acquaintance and making you one of our clients on the journey, jointly finding out where the adventure takes us.

Consulting and Business Services

There are various disciplines involved when consulting the business direction.  Starting with the why, vision, mission, business model, business architecture, implementations, communicating the message and financial stability.

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Our software department have developed many business tools over the years.  Our main software application is a sales management tool branded as Linked.

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Supporting our client base with sales training, time management training, facilitation of workshops, sales events, customized training topics and many more.

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