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Since 2002, we have grown businesses with our range of software and services. 
Our unique packaged approach to strategic alignment, business architecture, implementation and measurement, contribute to focused and sustainable growth. 

Complimented by our "keep it simple" sales management software, supports the process of increasing customer interactions and activities, which contributes to increased customer service and sales.

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To be profitable as a business you have to have sufficient income to sustain the business and the infrastructure.  Income comes from sales.  While in the process of putting the building blocks together, consisting of business strategy, processes, infrastructure and people.  You still need to stay focused on the sales of the organization.  With our sales management system aligned to the motivation of your sales personnel, you can rest assured in having the needed data and tools at your fingertips to grow the business income and market share.

Easy to use

From the onset of the development the emphases was on "keeping it simple".  Easy to use yet very powerful features.


Activities gets scored getting your sales personnel into the game and motivating the team to compete against each other and themselves.  Providing live information to all stakeholders.

Clever Features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, fully integrated quoting system, clever prospecting methodology and much more...


The Path to Your Destiny Starts Here...

Our service offering is more of a process than just a separated list of services.  It is the journey of your story to success.  Using different tools in our toolbox to get and keep you on you're road to significance.  Making a difference in the lives of your customers.

Discovery & Strategy

We start with the Why?  Building passion for the purpose of the business.  Building the strategy by going back to basics and defining you business or even redefining the business as you know it.

Business Modelling and Relationships

Using various modeling techniques to debate the most effective competitive environment and approach to the market needs and expectations.  By focusing on the relationships that needs to be nurtured.

Business Architecture

What is the defining architecture that the business need to exceed the expectations of the customers.  The key activities and processes that needs to be excelled at in order to deliver in the expectations of all stakeholders.

Training and Performance Measuring

Measuring results should never be just to address non-performance in the human capital of a business, but also to address market, institutional processes and strategic issues.  With a focus on the individual's growth and training one can achieve much more.

Let’s build great things together

With our proven track record we have assisted multiple companies, drastically improving their income and business operations. 
Our client's gain on a strategic and operational level with our approach to get involved in practical issues.

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